Me in Muir Woods, California

Me in Muir Woods, California

'What to do with all these mini instax photos I take? ' I asked myself. They seemed rather sad in the boxes I’ve put them; to keep them safe and to keep them mine. After a while it seemed unjust to hide them away from all the other beauties all around the world. So it was time to share my imperfect and beautiful polaroids with the world. Hence came the polariod photography blog Polarized Imperfection to life.

All the images you’ll see here are taken with the instant still camera instax mini 7S by Fujifilm. As far as the instant cameras go, mine is simple and doesn’t have many settings: only 4 settings for exposure to capture so many moments. Well, this very simplicity results in imperfect images. I see beauty in their faults and love to compare the feeling I get from polaroids, with the ones I experience through my bare eyes looking at the scene I've just taken a polaroid of.

I'll be sharing the polaroids under five categories: Places, Streets, Scenes, Moments and On The Road

I hope you'll enjoy them.


Love, H.


PS: I thank Ekin for his help with finding a beautiful name for the blog. And to Zafer: I appreciate all the help and ideas you've given in the process of making Polarized Imperfection. Lots of love to you.