The Terminal

Sirkeci Terminal, İstanbul

Opened in 1890, the Sirkeci Terminal witnessed thousands of lives. They came and went away. Once the last stop of famous Orient Express, the terminal's future is uncertain nowadays.

April 2015

A Handful of Winter

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Snow flakes were resting on the ground, trees were standing in line for us, to create a spectular winter view to enjoy. "Don't mind the cold" they said, "let us warm your heart with our beauty".

January 2014

The Lighthouse

Byron Bay, Australia

The lighthouse, over 100 years old, in the Cape Byron State Conservation Park oversees the beautiful Byron Bay, a beachside town with a joyful vibe.

February 2015


Poyrazköy, Beykoz, İstanbul

It was a foggy November day to remember. The sea was invisible. We ate freshly caught fish. Istanbul was full of mystery.

November 2013

Muir Woods

Muir Woods, North of San Francisco, California

One of the last stands of old-growth redwood forest on Earth, Muir Woods, offers a marvelous spectrum of the color green.

July 2014

A Summery Sensation


Kos Island, Greece

I wake up to an autumn morning with a sour throat and miss that summer feeling i've had when summer reigned. I remember that day in Kos Island, tired from all the walking we had to do to find the right spot. At last i was able to just lay on the sunbed and enjoy the view of clear blue sky blocked partially by the top of my beach umbrella. Hidden from the burning sun but still able to feel its warmth all around.

August 2014

Český Krumlov

taken from the Castle Tower, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

A small and well preserved city in the Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, which was an inspiration and home to Egon Schiele.

April 2014


Home, World

That moment when you finally free yourself from the itchy need of being a Gryffindor student, realise that you belong to Ravenclaw anyway and still can't accept the idea of a Hogwarts-less world.



Castroville, California

Traveling from or to San Francisco, you may cross roads with Castroville, the place known as "The Artichoke Capital of the World".  

July 2014

Second Bridge

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

The second bridge over Bosphorus is named after the conquerer of Constantinople, Fatih Sultan Mehmet. 

March 2014


Interior of an U-Bahn Train, Munich, Germany

U-Bahn is the way to travel in Munich, the capital of Bavaria and Beer.

January 2014


Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

While ferries pace the water from one side to another, people inside read books,  dream of an another world or drink their Turkish tea whilst enjoying the beautiful view from the sea. 

March 2014